About us

Talking about who we are is good, but what's more important is the reason why we exist

The founders started this company because they loved working together. Coming from drastically different backgrounds and experiences, they had a surprisingly lot in common. Each side complemented the other and they decided to continue working together by setting up the studio.

Since 2012 they've worked closely together on every project that has come in, knowing that each side brings something different. The dual nature and respect of the partnership is what makes it work so well. It is Alexey's insane creativity and drive for beauty and perfection paired with Paul's strict organisation and business focus that makes goat what it is — two sides coming together to produce great works.

This want for collaboration is why goat exists and why we try to create work that balances beauty and function.

Staying small

From the inception of goat, our plan was to remain small. It is important for us to continue working closely with our clients and give each project our complete attention. The founders continue to collaborate on all projects, along with a small team of in-house developers, and our CEO remains the main point of contact for each client.

This means that from the beginning to the end, you are given the expertise, energy, and focus that you deserve.

Our type of client

While setting up goat and reaching out to our first prospects, we never thought we'd specialise in a particular sector. Our first year saw us working with a professional psychologist, a packing material supplier, an estate agency, an online video streaming television station, and a reusable feminine hygiene product distributor. We thought we were correct until recently, when we were analysing our projects, trying to understand the difference between the successful ones and the ones that, for some reason, didn't hold up to our high standards.

Each bit of work that truly benefited the client and fit into our ethos had something in common — the client loved what they did and trusted us to support their business. It is these clients who have found the most value in hiring us, and it shows from their continued trust in us to be there for them when needed. This is evident from the love our clients give us with their kind words.

Our best work comes from collaborating with people who are passionate about their business. Those that get as excited as we do about the end result. Someone who deeply cares about their customers, the experience being provided, and the work that goes into everything. We want to give these people, their customers, staff, and business the best that they deserve.

We know that we're not for everyone. But for those clients who we are for, it's a perfect match.