Talking about who we are is good, but what's more important is

why we do this

The reason why we do this has changed throughout the years because the problems we try to solve continue to evolve. The driving force behind it, however, has always been the same — frustration.

We started building websites because we were frustrated with the online ecosystem that existed where things didn't look good or work properly. This evolved into us building software solutions for clients because we were frustrated with the systems we needed to integrate with websites and believed we could do something better.

Over the years, the value of our work has become evident to us through the responses from our clients. Making their lives easier and seeing the joy of using the tools and services we've created for them has become the new reason why we put the effort into what we do.

We will continue to be frustrated so that our clients don't have to be.

Get to know a little bit more about

who we are

We started as a two man band in 2012 from a small, but modern, apartment in Elephant and Castle, London. The founders—Alexey Golev and Paul Attard—met at university and had the bad idea to start this company together.

Our team has remained small and plans to stay small, with two additional engineers supporting Alexey who remained in London and two support staff helping Paul who moved back to Malta. The remote family now work together on a range of projects from small startup websites to complex software requirements for multi-national giants with 3,000 employees. But we still find time to have our daily status call at 11:30 GMT.

Alexey Golev: The grumpy one

Alexey Golev

: The grumpy one

Paul Attard: The organised one

Paul Attard

: The organised one

Sam Wyld

: The tall one

Ben Davis

: The anxious one

Katie O'Hara

: The happy one