Developing a new promotional campaign medium for a fashion icon

The problem

Vogue were limited with the type of content they could publish to their website due to rigid layouts and CMS functionality. They wanted to offer more value to their clients through the promotional campaigns they launched.

Not having in-house capabilities, they were unable to upgrade their system to cater for these campaign ideas. Developing a new CMS was not a feasible solution at the time and they were stuck on how to move forward with their goals.

The solution

Vogue brought us in to analyse their existing system and understand what possibilities were available. We discovered that there was the capability to embed external scripts into pages on their website. This meant that we could develop external web applications for their custom campaigns without limitations and load them on their website as needed.

We felt that the best course of action would be to run a test project before any campaign agreements were finalised. This allowed us to test their system properly and get a better understanding of any requirements or limitations their website might have with external resources.

After running the tests, we developed a base for the application that would serve as the foundation for all campaign builds.

The result

We first developed web applications for their PANDORA, Kérastase, Dyson, and Creed campaigns. These campaigns were static applications that simply rendered content on a layout designed by their in-house designer.

Wanting to experiment with what more could be done and how even more value could be added for their clients, we proposed pushing the ideas further than static content.

Their designer and sales team were able to sell an interactive video campaign idea to Harvey Nichols. The video showcased a model walking through the store, picking up and trying on different items. When a particular item was on screen we rendered the product information underneath the video player.

The last campaigns we worked on with Vogue dealt with automatically refreshing content over a period of time. These were built for Balenciaga and Cîroc Vodka campaigns.