Increasing the number of subscribers

And granting them access to a rich resource

The problem

The Art Newspaper's archive contains articles from as far back as 1989. This extremely valuable resource needed to be utilised.

The existing website, which we had developed, provided unlimited access to all available content. The client wanted to be able to limit public access to the entire archive and only grant specific user tiers access. Giving subscribers an additional benefit.

The solution

We introduced user accounts to allow users to register and sign-in. Based on the type of user, the content they were trying to access, and the number of articles they've previously viewed, the content would either be available or restricted.

The client required control over the different sets of parameters which were defined to grant access to available content. We gave the client access to a set of controls that would allow them to create and manage these sets of parameters.

The result

The client now has the capability to release content to match their business strategy for increasing their subscriber count. This expanded their product offering, and in turn their subscriber count.

There were concerns that the number of visitors to the website would drop after the launch of the paywall. The contrary happened, with an increase of 30% month-on-month and 85% year-on-year. Page views increased by 16% month-on-month and 62% year-on-year.

The average daily number of new subscriptions increased by 200% since the launch of the paywall.

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