Keeping the prestige of the printed newspaper

And introducing a new love for digital

The problem

The Art Newspaper's existing CMS caused "misery" for their editors. The system was cumbersome and could take up to 45 minutes to publish content onto their website. This resulted in the editors focusing their efforts on the physical newspaper and seeing their website as a necessity that needed to be maintained.

They wanted to be able to offer their readers and clients more through their digital channels but didn't know how best to approach a solution.

The solution

We conducted in-depth interviews with The Art Newspaper's staff to gain an insight into the issues being caused by their existing system and processes. Through these interviews we found two main problems with their system.

The first was that the system, in no way, matched the environment that the editors were used to when working on content. The second was that the structure of the content tried to mirror the fixed organisation and structure of the printed editions.

We developed a CMS for the editors which was based on their existing processes, with optimisations for the requirements of their digital mediums. Using their industry standard terminology we were able to give the editors a space in which they were comfortable working in.

To limit the amount of time needed to publish content to their digital channels, we tried to automate any tedious processes that didn't require manual input.

The result

The new CMS provided the editors with a more enjoyable experience when working with digital content, this made them more interested in the possibilities that could be available. The time required to publish content was reduced by about 75%, giving the editors more time to focus on their work. This extra time was also used to organise the content in more interesting ways that provided their users with a more fluid way to consume the material being published.

After several months of using the new system, and understanding the value of digital content, the editors started requesting the introduction of new features. With their processes now shifting to focus more on digital content, they felt comfortable requesting optimisations to help with how they started to work in this medium.

The further development and maintenance of the CMS and website continue to be done as we collaborate with The Art Newspaper on improving their digital environment.

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