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We don’t want to get you on the phone so that we can sell you our services. The purpose of the call is for you to take a structured and external look at your business.

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What do you gain from it?

It’s not always easy to take stock of your own business to see how it can be improved. This might be due to lack of time, technical knowledge, or being too accustomed to how things have always been done. Bringing in an unbiased party allows for the exploration of ideas that sometimes can’t be done in-house. The goal is for you to takeaway something of value so it won’t be a waste of your time.

What do we gain from it?

We love to hear how businesses operate and what they're doing. But this is obviously not the reason we want to speak to you. For us, knowing your business gives us a better opportunity to understand, in more detail, what it is that we can offer you. Yes, for us it's means that we are better equipped to sell you something. But this "something" is what we believe could be of value for you. If we can't offer anything of value then we're not going to offer anything at all.

Questions to think about

Following are some talking points that we'll get in to.

What does your business do and how does it do it?

A simple set of questions that doesn't always have such simple answers. We can collect information about what your business does by researching it online, but we want to know the unfiltered and un-curated version of how the business operates.

What do you find successful about what you do?

There's obviously been a certain result in what you do, but what is the main area of success for your business? How is that achieved and why is that the case?

Why do people come to you?

What is it about your offering that makes people come to you? How do you differ from your competition, or why do people believe that you differ from your competition? If there is no difference, then what is it that you want your business to be known for?

Why would someone use your website?

A website can exist for many reasons. What would someone want to achieve when using your website? What do you want them to accomplish and is your website currently allowing them to do this?

If you are to do something, what would be the measure of success?

It’s easy to spend money and time on something new, but how would you validate that the investment was worth it? How would you look at the result and think that it wasn’t a waste of time and effort?

Thank you for your time

We hope these questions already gave you some value. If you’d be kind enough to give us some more of your time we’d love to go through them in more detail and see how we can provide you with even more value.

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