The co-founders of the studio—Alexey Golev and PaulAttard—met at London College of Communication where they read for their Masters in Graphic Design, and Graphic Branding and Identity respectively.


After enjoyably working on several academic projects together, we opened goat in January from a small apartment in Elephant and Castle. Alexey and Paul spent the majority of their waking hours creating branding and advertising campaigns.

The work ranged from branding projects for restaurants, large residential complexes, and football teams, advertising campaigns for leading auto parts manufacturers, banks, and oil and gas producers, along with promotional events and materials for alcoholic beverages, insurance brokers, and a leading anti-virus software provider.

We started taking on small website development projects towards the end of the year thanks to Alexey's first degree in technologies and Paul's background in web development.


The year started with us launching a website for a Russian live and on-demand television streaming service.

Enjoying the experience of using technology to solve problems, we started to focus our attention on software development. The year was spent researching into the current state of web technologies, how the space is evolving, and how it could be utilised for our clients.


Wanting to close off the chapter of branding and advertising work, Alexey and Paul decided to put their experience into a book. The book—Please, Don't Be a Dick—is a guide for clients on how to work with designers.

The book is no longer being sold online, you can either read on it Medium or get in touch on hello@wearegoat.com for a free copy (PDF or physical).

An article was written by Awwwards about The Best Agencies In London which we were mentioned in.


Alexey and Paul stopped working from one of their apartments and moved into a studio space at The Light Bulb in Wandsworth.

We started consulting for The Art Newspaper on how to optimise their digital products. This led to us solving a wonderfully complex problem of organising 30 years of data for The Art Newspaper.


Vogue hired us to find a way to create custom promotional campaigns for their clients. This was solved by embedding web applications into their existing CMS.

The team grew from two people to four, with Sam Wyldand Ben Davis being hired as junior developers to help create digital systems for our clients.


We started working with a large online luxury fashion retail platform on creating custom solutions to test new ideas before they could be implemented into their existing system.


Trusting his incredible team, Paul moved to Malta to work remotely. The team continue to have their daily status calls at 11:30am GMT.