If they want it, give it to them

People want cats... Give them cats

Is it important to discuss the requirements of a project or should you simply give the client what they are asking for?

I recently had a conversation with someone about offering something other than WordPress. They responded with "If the client wants WordPress, give them WordPress. Why bother arguing with them?". Unnaturally, I didn't feel like arguing, it had been a long day. But the conversation buried in my head and resurfaced each time a prospect mentioned WordPress.

I understand that WordPress is ubiquitous and many clients don't want to budge on this requirement. What I wanted to understand was why this is the case and how best to discuss different options with a prospect to guide them to a, possibly, better result for them and their customers.

The most common reasons why clients will push for WordPress are because this is what they know or this is what they've been sold by someone else. For the former, if they are comfortable on the platform and don't want to learn something new then it's difficult to argue.

Why WordPress is the best solution for a problem:

  • Simple out-of-the-box installation.
  • Thousands of free and premium themes that can be setup in under an hour.
  • Plugins for EVERYTHING!
  • The Rich Text Editor is one of the better ones out there.
  • Anyone can take over managing the project without being a specialist.

Why WordPress isn't the best solution for a problem:

  • The interface of the platform is horrendous. Get lost and you might find yourself on the dark web.
  • It's too easy to install plugins from anyone without knowing how they will interact with each other.
  • Security. Being the biggest makes you a good target.
  • With so many updates for the platform, plugins, and themes, something could easily go awry without anyone's knowledge.
  • Oh. So. Slow.

This ended up being quite a side track to a simple question — should you give them what they want or first find out what they need?

Give them what they want if you don't care about the result.

Find out what they need if you want to create something worthwhile.