Improving your website's offering without having to upgrade it

Imagine a magazine, beautifully laid out, exquisite typography, lovingly photographed and edited images of models and products, the paper stock is heavy in your hand, emphasising the value of the publication. This magazine is perfect in every way. Except for one thing: it is limited. Limited by the design guidelines allowed by the brand, limited by the paper stock, limited by the number of pages available, and mostly, limited by the dimensions of the pages.

Most magazines won't require something outside of the limitations defined above. But every so often, when there is reason to do so, something different is needed. What does the publication do when this happens? Should they redesign the entire magazine, source new materials, and work with their printer to produce something to the new requirements? Or could they simply create an insert to place into the magazine? The insert, lacking the limitations of the encompassing medium provides the publication with endless possibilities.

The CÎROC vodka promotional campaign for British Vogue

The digital equivalent to a magazine insert

In the past three years, we've had the great opportunity to work with two particular companies on some interesting projects. These clients came to us because they already had their CMS and website setup and didn't want to make any changes to them.

This problem is quite common for many businesses. Similar to publications, they already have their systems setup and they don't want to upgrade them for a one time or special occasion promotion.

You can probably see where I'm going with this.

What we did for these two clients was create separate web applications that could be inserted into their existing websites using technology that their systems could load. They were no longer limited by their existing systems and had endless possibilities without having to upgrade anything.

Too often are businesses ignoring impressive opportunities because they fear the limitations of their systems.

The bragging part

Providing British Vogue with development support for multiple digital campaigns.

Building a custom system for the Birkenstock promotional campaigns.

Creating an A/B test for one of the leading global online luxury fashion retail platforms and 18 million of their visitors.

Optimising one of the leading global online luxury fashion retail platform's existing system to provide more value for their client and customers.