It's UX (User Experience) not OX (Owner Experience)

Have you ever noticed a path in a patch of grass that is alongside the designated, and paved, walking area? This is sometimes referred to as the "desire path" or "path of least resistance". The reason for their existence is because so many people have taken that path, due to it being the shortest, or easiest way to their goal, that it has created that erosion line in the grass.

Obviously, I am not suggesting paving over grassy passages. This was a light way to introduce what UX is about and the phrase "desire path" to you, you're welcome.

The true purpose of UX

This is to remove any barriers between people and the goal they are trying to achieve. It is the designer and developer doing the heavy thinking so that the users don't have to. If what you create hinders people from accomplishing what they want to do, you my friend, have created a bad user experience.

You're stuck here, forever!

During a project, a client asked if it would be possible to show a notice for a signup form when the user tried to close the browser tab. The horror! After some advice, they agreed this was a horrendous idea.

Would you trust a website that hijacked your simple task, of closing a tab, so dramatically? Then why do we trust websites that bombard us with popups and notifications? No, recipe website, I don't need notifications, I also don't want to signup to your newsletter, and why do I need to scroll through 4 chapters of how your family loved the dish and the neighbour even broke in to steal the leftovers?

I came here for a recipe, give me the recipe.

What should we do?

When designing and building user interfaces, it is imperative that everything be done with the user in mind. This might be a shock to clients, but their website is not for them, it is for their users. As with everything, you should leave your ego at the door.