A-Line pre-launch consultancy for a new art platform

A series of strategy and planning sessions for a new arts and events platform

A-Line is a new online platform working towards launching a space for people to explore art and events.

Mapping out use, content and end-goals

When we were approached by the founder of A-Line, our brief was simply to build a website — an educational, informative platform for younger generations to learn about art. Its intention was to keep people under 40 in-the-arts-know, shedding light on current news and events. We found this to be an exciting prospect, yet as we learnt more about the client’s ambitions, we became mindful of process gaps in the route from idea to realisation. We felt there were more questions to be asked and answered before setting about building an online tool. We therefore suggested a period of consultancy — a series of discovery and research sessions that would define the specifications and requirements for a successful arts platform.

Starting at the very beginning

Having developed art platforms in the past, we were keen to provide the client with a complete and robust structure of what could the platform be and what users would gain from its use. To do that, we had some questions to ask. How would the website function? What features would it include? How would it be monetised? How would content creation be managed? Cognisant of the time and money that could be needlessly spent if these questions were ignored at early stages, we set up six consultation sessions, each lasting two hours long. During these calls, we discussed the central idea at greater length, formalising it into documentation, and coming up with solutions for how it could work as a digital platform. We conducted research on other platforms, monetisation, promotion, content sourcing and any other points that cropped up along the way.

A structured plan and roadmap for launch

At the start of this process, our client was racing to launch with an idea that felt innovative and needed. We agreed the concept was strong, but feared it would be diluted by a rushed and in-comprehensive brief. At the end of our consultation, we produced a watertight report that set out requirements for both the platform’s functionality and design. We created a clear roadmap for what the website would need to fulfil our client’s aspirations — its structure, functionality, how it would be populated with content, what sort of writers were needed, content regularity, and how events pages could work. Our role was to press pause on a process that had the potential to achieve stellar results. Consultation helped build knowledge and rigour, giving our client full confidence to eventually push play.