Mediterranean Yacht Sales

Automatically processing an Excel file to save days of work each year

Mediterranean Yacht Sales have been a leader in the yachting industry since 1989. They have a well-established reputation and are known to provide impeccable customer service.

We make it a point to check on our clients to make sure that what we build is still working for them. After launching the new website and boat specifications calculator for Mediterranean Yacht Sales we found out that they were having difficulties that they didn't realise.

It took them up to a week to input the specifications of each boat. For them this was just a problem they had to live with. For us this was disappointing, we didn't realise it was causing such an issue and wanted to find a way to solve it.

Getting to the root of the issue

The sample spreadsheets that they had given us at the beginning of the project were quite short. When we asked them for a new batch of spreadsheets which they receive from the boat manufacturer we saw that it could sometimes be hundreds of lines long.

After analysing multiple spreadsheets we understood the structure and opportunity.

Automation is essential

We wanted to automate everything for them so that they no longer needed to manually input the data. This also meant a reduction in potential human error.

Our solution was to write a script that would process the contents of the spreadsheet and spit out the data needed for the calculator. The only thing the client had to do was upload a file.

The files also contained several errors, from misspellings to naming conventions that differed to what their customers were used to. We catered for these and returned data that would fix these issues.

Time, the most valuable thing we can give our clients

Bringing the time to input data for all boats was reduced from a week of work to a few minutes per file. This was a huge accomplishment for us and something we're extremely proud to be able to offer them.

Kind words from the client

wearegoat’s changes and revamping to our website has been transformative and increased our user enhancing experience to an all time high. So much so we received an award for the “Best digital Dealer for 2019” and as a result couldn’t recommend them more!

Sarah Manduca, Operations at Mediterranean Yacht Sales