Automatically processing an XLS file to save days of work each year

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Mediterranean Yacht Sales
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Defining the goal for a project is vital. It helps direct decisions being made and serves as the reference for testing the project's success. This project had a clear goal; reduce the amount of time required to input data and limit the number of errors.

After working with Mediterranean Yacht Sales on the design and build of their website, the client was concerned about the amount of time it took to upload the data to the options calculator. The existing process saw them receive the XLS file from the supplier and manually input each item into the Content Management System.

This task was required each year when new models were released by the manufacturers. They asked us if we could optimise the Content Management System to ease the pain of this manual work. We did them one better and removed the data input task completely.

What's easier than simply uploading a file and clicking "Save"?

We approached this problem with one goal in mind — reduce the amount of work required for the client down to almost nothing. Having done the initial data input for the website, we knew that the task was tedious and joy killing. Reducing the workload slightly wasn't going to improve the situation, something drastic was needed.

We built a service that would fetch the file of a particular boat and process its contents. The data would then be pushed to the calculator app that was loaded on the individual boat pages on their website.

Fixing errors so the client doesn't have to.

The files contained certain errors and naming conventions that needed to be fixed. We built these into the service so that the client didn't need to be concerned by them. Meaning that they simply needed to receive the files and upload them to the Content Management System, no need to even open them.

Time, the most valuable thing you can give your client.

This new service saved the client a week's worth of work each year.

wearegoat’s changes and revamping to our website has been transformative and increased our user enhancing experience to an all time high. So much so we received an award for the “Best digital Dealer for 2019” and as a result couldn’t recommend them more!
Sarah Manduca, Operations at Mediterranean Yacht Sales
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