Basement2Boardroom Start-up Support Website

Building a navigable, punchy portal for budding entrepreneurs.

Firstbridge, a professional services provider that offers a range of financial services to businesses of all scales were now launching a new offering called Basement2Boardroom.

Building a bold, straightforward incubator website

We were approached by Firstbridge, a professional services provider with a broad portfolio of clients. Their team had a vision to launch a start-up support programme, designed to help young businesses through the initial phases of their journey. They needed a website that would differentiate from other incubators and support networks. In short, their online presence had to be both attractive and informative — a website where information was presented clearly whilst still being exciting and memorable.

The objective was to create an eye-catching website that wouldn’t be bogged down with an excess of information. We set about building a portal that was direct, useful, and bold. This would reflect the pragmatism of the start-up support initiative, which our client named Basement2Boardroom.

Activating building blocks

Working directly with the client’s graphic designer, we translated existing brand elements into a digital space. Their graphics centred around a kaleidoscope pattern of colourful blocks, intending to represent the non-uniform building blocks of business. We used the pattern as a starting point for the website’s architecture, confident that its playfulness would attract our client’s target audience — 20 and 30-year-olds hoping to get a leg-up in their business dreams.

Blocks of content locked onto the different pattern variations, each having a central point where the pattern expanded to the right and the left. This changed according to different screen sizes, growing outwards until it hit a breakpoint. We partnered this visual strategy with clear, uncluttered text and information, rejecting the corporate graphics we found to be common with competitor websites.

Looking ahead

The website was delivered in around three weeks. Despite the required speed, we ensured that it was built for longevity. We knew the incubator would eventually need to host events, such as teaching programmes and awards. Our client didn’t have a preset data structure, because every event stood to be different. So we created a framework flexible enough for them to add whatever data they might need to describe and administrate future events. This meant our client got their own tailor-made building blocks for future growth.

Kind words from the client

Working in the professional services scene requires agility, consistency and high level quality delivery in all that we do and associate ourselves with, when working on the website launch we needed a partner that could reflect those characteristics, and we found that in wearegoat, they ensured delivery dates were respected whilst putting up with frequent updates and changes, we thank the team for all their support and look forward to an ongoing working relationship moving forward.

Dean Micallef, Director of Basement2Boardroom