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Setting a goal for a project defines the result. The goal for this NGO was to create a useful resource for individuals who wanted to learn more about sustainability in the fish that they eat, as well as entice the remaining population to be interested.

fish for tomorrow aim to create a culture of sustainable fishing and seafood consumption. They weren't sure on how to approach the website in a way that would serve their purpose appropriately.

They asked us to bring in some creativity to the project and create something that would help them promote their cause.

People who care about your cause will give you their time. People who don't care need some encouragement.

It is easy to create a website for people who care about a cause, they will visit it because it is important to them. But the design and functionality doesn't matter too much to them, they are already sold.

We wanted to create a website that will be for more than just the audience that fish for tomorrow already had. The website needed to bring people in that weren't even aware of the problem of non-sustainable fishing practices and consumption in Malta.

We collaborated with Natalia Averianova on the illustrations. Our experience in working with her gave us the assurance that she would design something beautiful to grab people's attention.

Don't lose content in the details of your design.

Sometimes, the layout of a website doesn't take into account the content that will eventually be added by the client. This results in the content growing larger than what was anticipated by the designer, making it overflow onto design elements and becoming less legible.

Not wanting this to happen, we solved it by cutting the illustration up into segments — top, middle, and bottom. The content was placed in the middle segment, which was a vertically repeatable image. This meant that if the content grew, the background would repeat and grow. Providing space for the content and keeping it legible.

We have enjoyed a great working relationship with goat for many years now. The work they did for us really helped push our organisation to a higher level and they have been genuinely enthusiastic about the work we're doing. Over time they have become a vital extension of our team and the work we do.
JD Farrugia, Director at fish for tomorrow
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