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When starting a project, the goal needs to be defined in order for you to look back and understand if the work was successful. The goal for Mediterranean Yacht Sales was to create a more suitable website to fit their reputation and service.

Mediterranean Yacht Sales have been a leader in the yachting industry since 1989. They have a well-established reputation and are known to provide impeccable customer service. Knowing how to guide an in-store customer through the process of purchasing a boat. This experience needed to be translated to the website.

They asked us to look at the problem from a different point of view to how typical agencies normally approached website design — thinking of this as a standard "product" portfolio.

Yachting magazines were used as references for the design.

Although it may seem that the standard layout and functionality of a showcase website, with a search bar and refinement filter options, would be appropriate, this was clearly not the case. Purchasing a boat is an experience that you would want to have while sitting in a comfortable chair sipping freshly brewed espresso and turning the pages of a glossy boat catalogue filled with full-bleed photos of your dream boats. Nothing can truly replace this experience.

We strived to give the website visitors a glimpse of it whilst also providing some tools that are only possible in the digital space.

The boat filter was structured in a way to ease the process of searching, with the options grouped into logical search queries that created a simple journey for the user.

A customer typically has an understanding of their budget, and the type or length of boat that they are interested in. Sometimes they have a certain brand or model that they wish to purchase.

Getting bored while searching for the boat of your dreams is something we didn't want the users to experience. The monotony of a uniform grid was something that would easily result in that exact reaction.

If you already know what boat you want to purchase, there is no point in scrolling through a list of other options. You would go in store and speak to the sales representative. This website was for people that wanted to understand what was available to them. This is why we built the website in a way that encouraged browsing and exploration.

Allowing the customer to control their options.

Boats can have a large range of customisation. Giving the customer the option to view and calculate the total cost of their requirements was a vital piece in providing an exceptional user experience.

The calculator feature resulted in the client winning an award for "Best digital Dealer for 2019" by Beneteau, beating out hundreds of others.

Inputting data into the calculator proved to be an exhausting task for the client due to the amount of content in each XLS file provided by the manufacturers. Wanting to optimise this process, we built a system to automate the process. Read about the project.

wearegoat’s changes and revamping to our website has been transformative and increased our user enhancing experience to an all time high. So much so we received an award for the “Best digital Dealer for 2019” and as a result couldn’t recommend them more!
Sarah Manduca, Operations at Mediterranean Yacht Sales
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