Building a beautiful online boat catalogue with functionality in mind

Looking at a product portfolio from a different angle can result in awards and happy customers. We like both of those things.

: a leader in the yachting industry since 1989. They have a well-established reputation and are known to provide impeccable customer service.

It's not easy to match the same experience of an in-store interaction with an expert with an online tool. When it came time for Mediterranean Yacht Sales to update their website they wanted to be sure that their customers would find their website just as useful as their sales team.

We didn't want to create a standard portfolio of their stock. We wanted to guide the user in the same way as they would be guided in person. With easy questions about their requirements and needs that will move them into a selection of options appropriate for them.

It's not just about function, beauty also plays a part

Purchasing a boat is an experience that you would want to do while sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping a freshly brewed coffee, and turning the pages of a glossy magazine. Nothing can truly replace this experience, but we used luxury yachting magazines as a reference for what their customers would be used to.

Cover image for Med Yacht Sales' website

Giving customers the option to choose

Boats can have a large range of customisations. What would typically happen is the customer would go through the options with a sales person or receive a spreadsheet of the available options. We wanted customers to be able to know the total price of the boat with all the bells and whistles they wanted right from the website.

We built a calculator that allowed the customer to select exactly what they wanted on their boat and presented the total cost to them. Their selected options could be printed as a PDF for reference when visiting the store.

The boat specifications customisation calculator

Finding more ways to optimise

After a regular check in with the client we found out that it took them an average of an hour to input all options for a particular boat. This amounted to about a week's work for one of their employees. We weren't happy with that and set off to reduce this down to an hour in total.

Read about how we solved this problem.

Kind words from the client

wearegoat’s changes and revamping to our website has been transformative and increased our user enhancing experience to an all time high. So much so we received an award for the “Best digital Dealer for 2019” and as a result couldn’t recommend them more!

Sarah Manduca, Operations at Mediterranean Yacht Sales