Building a custom system for the Birkenstock promotional campaign

A campaign was being launched for Birkenstock that followed a popup store around the world for the launch of a new shoe.

Online fashion retail platform: selling products from global luxury boutiques and brands.

The client wanted to offer Birkenstock a campaign that would document the global launch of one of their products. With this being a short-lived project they understood that the best option wouldn't be to build it into their existing website. They asked us to propose a solution that would serve the needs of this campaign and be removed without it affecting their website's main function.

Simple solutions can offer great rewards

Their website was managed by a large team of developers, we definitely didn't want to step on their toes or disturb them with requests. The simplest solution was to build a separate web app that would later be embedded into a page on their website and function as though it were a regular page.

With the campaign needing updates through the popup shop's journey, we built a basic CMS that would allow them to update the content when needed.

A section of the embedded web app
Kind words from the client

wearegoat have worked with me to build multiple executions for our platform. Our projects have ranged from single microsites to a bespoke content management system for enhanced product listing pages. I have always found them to be fantastically diligent in their output, incredibly insightful when planning how to execute projects and hugely responsive when moving forward with builds. They are hands down my go-to team of developers and I haven’t been able to give them a challenge that they haven’t managed to tackle.

Art Editor at leading global fashion retailer