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Paul Furey is a psychologist who supports individuals and organisations to run their businesses in open and honest ways. He wanted us to help him with his SEO because he wasn't being found. During our discussion we found that this wasn't the source of the problem so we renamed his company, rebranded him, launched a new website, and on one occasion, fixed his printer.

Hiding behind a corporate image, it was time for Paul to be honest

Having hidden behind a corporate image for many years, but advising his clients to be honest, open, and clear, we suggested that he do as he's been teaching.

We stripped out all the noise and fluff and presented Paul Furey as himself—honest, informative, and great at what he does. This new direction was something he could truly feel comfortable with. A few years after rebranding him he told us over a catchup dinner that he can finally pin down what he does that truly gives value to his clients and how to communicate it.

The website has evolved many times since we started working with Paul Furey and is now in a state that he finds allows him to easily communicate with his audience and provide value.

As soon as I got talking to Paul, now some years ago, I knew that there wasn’t going to be a sales pitch. In fact their methodology rather had me pitching to them. Their research of my company turned out to be meticulous and their taste for simplicity in everything, infectious. Over the years they have made and saved my company many multiples of their fees with their original, honest and loyal approach to my brand. I am proud to regard them as part of my team (I hope they don’t mind).
Paul Furey, Professional psychologist
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