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Cityscape Digital provide their clients with bespoke Virtual Reality solutions as one of their services. Wanting to single out this service and advertise it differently to their other services they came to us to find a solution. The website needed to serve as an experience for prospects they were targeting and so needed to instantly create an interest.

Trying to portray an enhanced reality without all the sexy gadgets of virtual reality.

It wasn't easy to translate such a new technology and concept onto a simple brochure website without any supporting hardware. The website uses a sense of depth to mirror the idea of virtual reality.

The majority of their audience would be senior management on an assortment of browsers and devices. The website needed to work smoothly on all combinations.

The technology and methods we used to build the website were supported by browsers typically installed on corporate devices. We created fallbacks for browsers that couldn't support the features we built, allowing the website to gracefully degrade and still provide a usable experience for certain users.

Knowledgeable, insightful and direct in all communications I enjoyed working with wearegoat very much. Paul and Alexey are smart, interesting and trustworthy creatives, punching well above their weight.
Richard Dinnis, Creative Consultant at Cityscape Digital
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