Creating an A/B test for 18 million visitors

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A leading global online luxury fashion retail platform

Defining the goal at the start of a project is important. The scale of this project made it all the more vital to correctly define the goal. This online fashion retail platform needed to quickly and easily test a new design for their homepage before making the investment to change it completely. Our goal was to do this in a way that wouldn't interrupt their regular maintenance of the website and easily revert back to the original design once testing was complete.

The client had been internally discussing the idea of updating the design of their homepage but didn't want to commit to the decision until they had concrete results on how it would perform.

It's important to test your ideas when millions of people are watching.

They knew that they had to A/B test their new layout but weren't able to implement the new version through their existing tools. After working with this client on seven projects, they understood our unique talent for solving their problems.

We suggested implementing the new layout in the same way we had done for all other projects — as a separate web application. They gave us four weeks to build the new layout and integrate it with their product API, tracking system, and analytics.

When testing a new layout, it is vital that it functions just as good, or better, than the original. Otherwise, the results will be skewed by the worsened experience and not necessarily the new design.

To make sure that the experience of the functionality matched the existing version, we used their existing functions. Their developers made themselves available to support the build, providing us with any documentation and explanations we required.

Using a spreadsheet for data management meant that their editors didn't need to change their processes or do any additional work.

The designs needed to be updated with new content each week, to match the content on the original homepage. We didn't have time to build a custom Content Management System to handle these needs.

Panicking about how to solve this problem in the easiest way for the client and ourselves within the timeframe, we asked them to describe how they prepare the content. With many editors involved in the preparation of the content and 12 languages to translate it into, they had a great system in place. They dealt with everything in an online spreadsheet, where each editor and translator was in charge of preparing the content for someone to input it into the page.

We took the structure of this spreadsheet and created a new version for the homepage layout we created. The content of the spreadsheet was then processed by the web application and the content was used without any intervention from the client. This saved them a substantial amount of time, allowed us to focus on the functionality of the build, and resulted in the project launching in time.

Always wanting more of a good thing.

The spreadsheet was such a powerful tool for them that several subsequent projects used that as the data entry tool.

wearegoat have worked with me to build multiple executions for our platform. Our projects have ranged from single microsites to a bespoke content management system for enhanced product listing pages. I have always found them to be fantastically diligent in their output, incredibly insightful when planning how to execute projects and hugely responsive when moving forward with builds. They are hands down my go-to team of developers and I haven’t been able to give them a challenge that they haven’t managed to tackle.
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Who we did it for
A leading global online luxury fashion retail platform