Mediterranean Yacht Sales Spec-Calculator

Eradicating days of painstaking manual input with one simple file upload function.

: a leader in the yachting industry since 1989. They have a well-established reputation and are known to provide impeccable customer service.

Creating an easy-to-use data storing tool

In 2017, Mediterranean Yacht Sales approached us to redesign their website and develop a tool that would collect and calculate specifications for boats in their inventory. We did both, building a content management system that allowed their team to input the varied boat specifications they received from manufacturers – things like size, cabin features, colour and so on.

A year later, we called to check how things were going. We discovered that the boat specifications they were receiving from manufacturers – which were sent through as Excel spreadsheets – were much longer and detailed than we had been shown at the start of our work together. Although our client was satisfied with their new calculator, we immediately spotted an opportunity for optimising the tool’s convenience factor.

Identifying convenience potential

After analysing multiple spreadsheets – which at times reached hundreds of lines of data fields – we understood the structure of the system we needed to develop. We were in constant dialogue with our client, discovering that it sometimes took up to a week for them to input details for a new range. For them this was just a problem they had to live with. For us, it was a non-starter.

Our goal was to drastically reduce time consumption connected with their manual data input. So we created an automatic tool that would allow them to upload manufacturers’ spreadsheets directly onto their CMS. This also meant eliminating potential human error – we tweaked the tool to ensure it would fix issues ranging from misspelt titles to naming conventions that differed to what customers were used to. In the end, we converted a process that normally lasted hours into one that took 10 seconds.

Time, the most valuable thing we can give our clients

Our work with Mediterranean Yacht Sales is a perfect example of how we identify and address clients’ problems before they even know they have them. We recognise the power of technology to reduce mundane tasks, gifting service providers with more time to devote to their core activities. We do this by converting problems into patterns and patterns into processes. The result? Easier, more streamlined day-to-day work and a tangible return on investment for the brands we work with.

Kind words from the client

wearegoat’s changes and revamping to our website has been transformative and increased our user enhancing experience to an all time high. So much so we received an award for the “Best digital Dealer for 2019” and as a result couldn’t recommend them more!

Sarah Manduca, Operations at Mediterranean Yacht Sales