Global Fashion Retailer Content Enhancement

Enabling dynamic brand storytelling through improved content infrastructure.

Online fashion retail platform: selling products from global luxury boutiques and brands.

Building diverse content into standard product page grids

Our relationship with this internationally-recognised fashion retailer (whose name we cannot disclose due to their company being public), spans a variety of projects and over two years of tech-creative development. On this specific project, we were asked to convert their standard listing pages – which audiences would recognise product grids controlled by a set of filters – into compelling digital canvases for content.

By introducing options to interweave photos, videos, and other rich media into their product layouts, they hoped to be able to offer high-profile clients opportunities to create collection campaigns directly within the site’s existing product listing architecture. To do so, we needed to build a framework that would support embedded storytelling within the online retail journey, offering a platform for brand enhancement and an enhanced experience for shoppers.

Collaboration as a tool for creative problem-solving

We worked with the platform’s in-house team of developers to understand their existing e-Commerce functionality. We quickly recognised that in order to integrate rich media into their native grids, we would have to fetch products from existing pages and create a new framework that would allow the option to add content blocks.

This would allow the site’s product administrators to easily insert a content block that spanned two or more columns across the product grid, supporting diverse content such as video, image carousels or GIFs. Essentially, we plugged all the required content functionality into a content management system that directly replicated their own, guaranteeing optimised usability without sacrificing familiarity.

One of the enhanced product listing pages

From grid to great

For this project to succeed, we had to ensure that the added functionality worked seamlessly with the platform’s existing infrastructure. The work was made all the more challenging by its six-week turnaround – a seemingly impossible time-line for radically adjusting a brand’s digital DNA. We met it, and a project with an intended six-month lifespan has lasted over three years. The platform’s initial goal was to launch the new content offering with seven of their retailing brands – they now support up to 30 brand stories at a time. Three years in and we continue to make regular updates, improvements, and bug fixes to a more powerful product page – a content rich structure that exists seamlessly within an existing ecosystem.

Kind words from the client

wearegoat have worked with me to build multiple executions for our platform. Our projects have ranged from single microsites to a bespoke content management system for enhanced product listing pages. I have always found them to be fantastically diligent in their output, incredibly insightful when planning how to execute projects and hugely responsive when moving forward with builds. They are hands down my go-to team of developers and I haven’t been able to give them a challenge that they haven’t managed to tackle.

Art Editor at leading global fashion retailer