KAREL Chronic Kidney Disease App multi-audience website

Building a website as a promotional launchpad for a multi-user CKD app.

: a new app that supports the Chronic Kidney Disease community with streamlined access to medical care.

Our starting point? Defining an end goal

In 2020, the team behind KAREL approached us to build a website that would help launch their new app — a tool and aid for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients and doctors. As we learnt more about the app, we knew we needed to help develop our client’s initial brief to match their service aspirations. We therefore asked three key questions: what does the site need to achieve? What are its technical requirements? And what will be its measure of success?

Their answers helped define the website’s structure and functionality. Firstly, it had to promote their app to multiple audiences — patients, doctors and hospitals, investors, and possible partners. Secondly, it needed to support a demo and provide clear, easily navigable information to each distinct user. Finally, its measure of success would be its ability to position KAREL as a uniquely valuable resource for CKD medical care.

Avoiding clichés, enhancing impact

Aside from the website’s functionality, we wanted to ensure its look and feel would resonate with intended users. From the start, we were aligned with our clients on avoiding obvious, staged doctor-patient imagery. Instead, our goal was to factually present the advantages that the KAREL app could offer the CKD community.

We helped refine the website’s messaging so as to target its two main audiences without sacrificing focus on either. We ensured the design was light and friendly, introducing simple graphic elements — such as underlining key phrases — to create emphasis and visual hierarchy. We used a fading transition effect that allowed content to disappear as users scrolled through the website, adding interest to the reader experience. In summary, we prioritised content clarity, bold graphic layout, and subtle navigational novelty.

Cover section for KAREL’s website

A powerful, multi-faceted tool for promotion

Creating a singular promotional platform for multiple users held clear challenges — chiefly, the obstacle of addressing different users with equal impact. Close dialogue with our client helped us learn about the unique sensitivities and priorities of their users. As a result, we were able to build a website that could accurately and authentically communicate the benefits of the KAREL app — a product with the potential to tangibly improve quality of life.

Kind words from the client

Paul and the team at wearegoat were nothing short of brilliant. They were a true business partner that went over and above to deliver quality, every step of the way. It’s tough to find tech partners that can blend design expertise with coding but these guys are the real deal, delivering a beautiful and intuitive website for our health tech startup. Highly recommend Paul and his team.

Carl Juresic, Co-founder of KAREL