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We start each project by defining a goal to direct all the work being done. For The Art Newspaper the goal was complex due to the scope and timing. We worked with the client to define an appropriate goal, which offer their readers a richer experience when viewing the news and provide their sales team more opportunities to offer their clients.

The Art Newspaper is an international monthly print publication, serving as a record for the visual arts world. After working with them on their new Content Management System and migrating 30 years of data to a single unified database, we set out to build their new website.

The most important design aspect of any long-form text is that it is comfortable to read.

Poorly laid out text and a poorly designed typeface are one of the key reasons why users stop reading content online (other than the content that doesn't engage the reader). The Art Newspaper produced good content, we didn't want to ruin that with the articles being uncomfortable to read.

Days of research and eliminations lead us to a typeface that was specifically designed for newspaper printing. Although it was created for small, low-resolution printing, it worked beautifully for our intended use. The superfamily that the typeface belonged to contained all variations to create an interesting design and clear hierarchy. The final selling point was the vast language support, which matched the requirements of the intended plans for the client.

The most important technical aspect for any news website is speed and searchability.

Waiting for a web page to load is one of the most frustrating flaws of any website. We built the website with speed in mind, with the server handling the heavy lifting so that the user's browser doesn't have to.

The structure of the markup was done so in a way to optimise the pages for search engine robots to crawl and understand the content. Requirements were built into the Content Management System that meant that all content was created using proper tags and meta data.

The pages were also optimised for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to provide users with an even better experience when using Google to find content.

All of this nerd speak resulted in the website being fast enough that even slow connections almost instantaneously loaded the content, and search engines ranking it quite favourably over their competitors.

The most important relationship aspect for any large project is continued support and clear communication.

We continue to support this project with the client, with regular calls and an open dialogue for optimisations, upgrades, and new features. Since the launch of the website, we've added enhancements such as paywall functionality, user accounts, integrations with powerful analytics tools, and additional third-party services. The success of this project is a result of a shared goal to push the website and the supporting tools with their customers and business requirements in mind.

We are very happy to have wearegoat as our long-term partner: they are stellar, when it comes to research-based solutions, solving complex problems in ever-changing environments, and creating solutions that actually work.
Mikhail Mendelevitch, Digital Strategy Director at The Art Newspaper
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