Ninia Azzopardi Marketing Consultant Website

Building a tailored web identity for an independent marketing expert.

: an independent marketing consultant and digital marketing strategist with global experience based in Malta.

Going solo: building a web identity for a freelance strategist

Our client came to us with years of experience in digital marketing strategy and consultancy. Switching to a freelance career after having worked in-house with globally renowned brands, her aim was to create a space online that could effectively communicate her experience, process and professional persona.

Our brief was therefore to create a website that would outline our client’s strategy services to businesses and individuals looking to expand in local and international markets. We also wanted to tell our client’s story — showcasing her experience and knowledge in a format that was easy and enjoyable to read. Avoiding cliché self-promotional website tropes was important to both us and her. Luckily, her credentials could speak for themselves, we just needed to set the stage.

Cover section for Ninia’s website with 

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Presenting a clear and personable narrative

Our focus became to build a platform that held all the information our client needed to build trust and forge relationships with her own future network. To do this, we knew we needed to create a website that was tied to facts. We built content around the experience and ethos that already existed in our client’s arsenal — no frills.

Using a linear narrative approach where website visitors are able to easily scroll through content, we were able to lay out our client’s professional journey as one, continuous story. The clarity of the website’s content was intended to reflect our client’s work process, which is completely data driven. Bold titles, quantitative information, and clearly structured content chapters helped the site to match her work ethic and approach. Our own approach was to lead with the most important information upfront, back it up with impressive client names and campaign credentials, and finally let the viewer know how our client’s services could radically change their business.

No fluff, just facts

One thing we love about our work is that we get to collaborate with all kinds of clients — from large-scale businesses to start-ups to solo practitioners. As a result, we don’t do anything by default. Building a website for a freelancer is tantamount to building a whole new brand and identity — a personal, nuanced process. Authenticity was always the main ingredient for getting it right.

Kind words from the client

Starting my own business and reaching out to potential clients has been a daunting task. wearegoat were extremely patient during the process of helping me to figure out what I needed. Alexey and Paul designed a website that I am truly happy with, I couldn't recommend them more.

Ninia Azzopardi, Digital Strategy Consultant