Optimising an existing platform to provide more value for their clients and customers

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System & Process Optimisation
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A leading global online luxury fashion retail platform

Sometimes goals are largely ambitious. We love these types of goals. For this project, the goal was to test the experience of an enhanced view for the product grid. The result surpassed the goal by several months and continues to be used as a viable solution without having to build it into their existing platform.

Having worked with us before, the client wanted to test out a new idea for their product listing pages. Their in-house developers didn't have the capacity to build it in the timeframe required, and with the experiment having a six-month lifespan, it didn't make sense to build it into their existing system.

They asked us to come up with a solution within six weeks because they wanted to offer it to an important client.

Enhancing a regular product listing page to make it "super".

Being able to sprinkle blocks of content — images, videos, and text — amongst the products in the grid of their product listing page meant that they could provide a better experience for their customers and add more value for their clients.

The only way to provide them with this functionality was to build a custom Content Management System that would handle the creation and placement of these blocks.

Outliving the lifespan.

The product was launched with a lifespan of six months to prove the concept. Once proven, their developers would be tasked in building it into their existing system. Within that experiment timeframe 12 campaigns were successfully launched.

Seeing that the solution we created was serving its purpose better than expected, they decided to keep it alive instead of taking it in-house. We continued to support it and built more features for an additional year. The system and campaigns are still live and working well.

wearegoat have worked with me to build multiple executions for our platform. Our projects have ranged from single microsites to a bespoke content management system for enhanced product listing pages. I have always found them to be fantastically diligent in their output, incredibly insightful when planning how to execute projects and hugely responsive when moving forward with builds. They are hands down my go-to team of developers and I haven’t been able to give them a challenge that they haven’t managed to tackle.
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Who we did it for
A leading global online luxury fashion retail platform