A leading global fashion retailer

Optimising an existing platform to provide more value for their clients and customers

An online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from hundreds of luxury boutiques and brands from around the world. Due to the company being public, we are unable to disclose their name.

Probably our most ambitious project with this client. After working with them on several projects they asked us whether it would be possible to "enhance" their product listing pages. Their existing layout was the standard product listing page; a grid of products and a filter on the side.

They wanted to give their audience a more enjoyable experience by interweaving photos, videos, and other rich media into the grid of products. This gave their clients the opportunity to create campaigns directly in their product listings.

We had six weeks to find a solution and launch it.

It started out with a grid how did it end up like this?

We knew that this wasn't a simple task and the stakes were high. The first thing we did was work with their in-house team of developers to understand how to request a set of products and work with their existing eCommerce functionality. Without being able to use their websites existing functions this project couldn't be done.

We managed to plug into all the required functionality and built a Content Management System around this functionality. Their editors could use this system to fetch a set of products, order them however they pleased, and add blocks of content in between the products.

The six weeks were up and we launched the project. The first test was a success, then came the second, third, and so on. This was supposed to be a six month experiment but the solution was just working too well for them.

One of the enhanced product listing pages

Our continued support

Two years into this project and we continue to make regular updates, improvements, and bug fixes. We're not sure how many campaigns they've launched with this system but we do know that it continues to be a success.

Kind words from the client

wearegoat have worked with me to build multiple executions for our platform. Our projects have ranged from single microsites to a bespoke content management system for enhanced product listing pages. I have always found them to be fantastically diligent in their output, incredibly insightful when planning how to execute projects and hugely responsive when moving forward with builds. They are hands down my go-to team of developers and I haven’t been able to give them a challenge that they haven’t managed to tackle.

Art Editor at leading global fashion retailer