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Rapid Digital Prototyping
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British Vogue
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Setting the goal for this project was important due to the nature of the client's work. For British Vogue, we understood that it was necessary to provide their sales team with more interesting "products" to sell to their clients and give their viewers a better experience when viewing sponsored materials.

British Vogue is the place where everyone wants to be in the world of fashion, with their readers referring to it "the Fashion Bible". With this reputation to uphold, their marketing and design team wanted to offer their clients a better product for their readers to consume.

Special layouts and campaigns were being created for their clients. The problem was that their existing tools weren't capable of building such ideas. We were brought in to try to find a solution to this problem without having to upgrade any of their existing systems.

After discussing their requirements with them, we found that the best approach would be to create standalone web applications for each campaign and load them through custom pages on their website.

An analogy to explain the value of what we created.

Picture a printed Vogue magazine. The magazine has certain limitations — paper size, paper stock, page count, and design guidelines. How would you offer a client something better than what you could currently do with those limitations? How could readers receive a better experience when all articles have the same look and feel?

The solution: an insert without the limitations of the magazine. The possibilities are endless. The page size can be different, the paper stock can be of higher quality, the design can be tailored to the content being presented, instead of having to fit the guidelines of the regular articles.

This is what we provided for British Vogue for their website. An insert as you will, that wasn't limited by their existing technology and layouts. Allowing them to offer their clients whatever they felt was best for the brand and Vogue's readers.

Your options are limitless when you remove your limitations.

Keeping the campaigns as separate applications meant that there were no, or very few, limitations when it came to what was possible. This gave the client the opportunity to sell their ideas to their clients without having to worry about whether it was possible. They left the worrying to us to figure out how to implement them.

PANDORA, Kérastase, Dyson, Creed, Harvey Nichols, CÎROC Vodka, and Balenciaga, to name a few.

We launched ten campaigns for Vogue. From simple layouts to pages that loaded content based on dates, and an interactive video that displayed product information and CTAs as the scene progressed.

We worked with wearegoat to create some of the most visual microsites hosted on British Vogue, be that the cocktail destination for Cîroc or a custom shoppable overlay on a video we created for Harvey Nichols. goat were excellent in their pursuit of developing the perfect solutions to our creative problems. Learning to use our systems, aligning with our existing tech and being on hand when we needed extra development support. Working on projects and seeing them realise our vision was always a pleasure.
Georgia Brunt, Creative Partnerships Account Manager at British Vogue
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