Providing development support for multiple digital campaigns

Creating a digital insert for British Vogue's website that allowed them to create unique digital campaigns without limitations.

British Vogue: one of the world's leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, with their readers referring to it as the “Fashion Bible”.

British Vogue have an extremely strong reputation to uphold. Their marketing and design team wanted to build more experimental digital campaigns for their clients as a way of staying ahead of their competition. They designed special layouts but didn't have the tools to create these campaigns in their website.

They brought us in to analyse their digital tools and find a way to create custom campaigns without having to upgrade their existing tools.

Separate systems for separate tasks

We didn't want to touch their existing tools so we built separate web pages that could be embedded into their existing web pages.

The benefit of building outside of their rigid system was that we didn't have any limitations. Each campaign could be different to the others. Functionality could be built into each one without having to worry about affecting the rest of the platform. The design team were free to design anything and we would then find a way to build it.

A promotional campaign for Ciroc Vodka with the content shifting each week to promote a new location and cocktail.

An analogy for you

Imagine a printed Vogue magazine. This magazine has limitations — paper size, paper stock, page count, and deadlines. How could something outside of these limitations be offered to a client for their advert? How could readers experience this beautiful magazine differently to what they are used to?

The solution is an insert that doesn't have the same limitations as the magazine. This insert has the possibilities to be of a different size, maybe a better paper stock, and it can be as many pages as needed.

This insert is what we provided British Vogue for their website. A custom made insert for that wasn't restrained by their existing medium. Free from the limitations of their website's technology and styles. It made them think of what else could be done without having to rely on what their website could offer.

An interactive video for a Harvey Nichols campaign that displayed product details as the video played.

Ten successful campaigns

We worked with British Vogue on ten custom campaigns for a range of brands.. From simple layouts that promoted a new range of products to automated layouts that changed throughout the campaign.

Kind words from the client

We worked with wearegoat to create some of the most visual microsites hosted on British Vogue, be that the cocktail destination for Cîroc or a custom shoppable overlay on a video we created for Harvey Nichols. goat were excellent in their pursuit of developing the perfect solutions to our creative problems. Learning to use our systems, aligning with our existing tech and being on hand when we needed extra development support. Working on projects and seeing them realise our vision was always a pleasure.

Georgia Brunt, Creative Partnerships Account Manager at British Vogue