Reducing the time to publish content from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes

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Having worked with this client for some time, we understood what their goals were. What we wanted to achieve with this project was to reduce the amount of time required to publish content to their website.

The Art Newspaper are an international monthly print publication, serving as a record for the visual arts world. Their existing systems were causing their editors to become frustrated and waste their time on fighting to publish content. Without any in-house technical advisors, they asked us to analyse their existing systems and make an assessment on how to fix the issues they were facing.

We started working with them by conducting interviews with their staff at all levels. This helped us gain an understanding of how they worked, what their systems did to facilitate this work, where the bottlenecks were, and what dreams they had for a productive day without frustration.

Matching processes to not scare away the staff.

Anytime a new system is introduced, or an upgrade is released, users become enraged. Think about the last time a popular product or service updated their design, online communities were likely ablaze with angry comments. This is because anything new requires retraining and relearning of systems that users have become accustomed to. Regardless of the benefits that the new system has to offer, initially there will be confusion and aggression.

We wanted to reduce the amount of pushback from the editors during the introduction of the new Content Management System. Having them on our side, and not being seen as third-parties who wanted to uproot their processes meant they supported the decisions we made and worked with us on building something useful for them.

With their already established processes for the print publication and previous systems, we knew this was the best starting point.

Automating tasks to take the burden away and increase productivity.

A digital platform with this much content has many intertwined entities that need to be defined and connected. Relying on their editors to manually handle this would mean less time for them to focus on what they do so well — writing the content.

We tried to automate as much as possible and provide helpers so that the process would be streamlined.

Taking off the training wheels.

It takes some time for newly introduced products to be welcomed by its users. But once that time passes, it is often clear that the new product is far superior. Within the years of using the new systems, the editors became comfortable and started requesting optimisations and additional features. We continue to support and maintain the systems, with regular updates and new functionality.

We are very happy to have wearegoat as our long-term partner: they are stellar, when it comes to research-based solutions, solving complex problems in ever-changing environments, and creating solutions that actually work.
Mikhail Mendelevitch, Digital Strategy Director at The Art Newspaper
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