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Breteuil are one of the most established estate agencies in Paris. They understood that many Parisians were moving to London and they wanted to offer their superb service in this market. They asked us to create an experience for their audience that was in-line with who they were in Paris but tailored for the London market.

Looking for a property is a stressful experience. What could make it a more enjoyable one than sitting on your sofa, glass of wine in hand, browsing through a catalogue of beautiful properties that fit your criteria without any unneeded fluff?

The clientele of Breteuil expected a certain quality and experience while looking for a new home for their families. Having had just looked for properties in London ourselves, we understood all too well the difficulties that customers go through when trying to find their perfect home. Breteuil takes pride in the high levels of professionalism of their agents and the calibre of their customer experience. They work to provide a seamless, enjoyable journey for their clients and required a website to reflect their offerings

Our goal was to design a website that would encourage browsing and not feel like the chore that property search is. With a single page displaying all available properties that matched the user's requirements, the user could simply scroll without having to navigate around the website.

Viewing details of the property couldn't be more simple, with the details appearing when required and not having to go back and forth between pages or tabs. This kept users in the mode of discovery, which resulted in more requests for viewings per user than their previous website.

Everybody wants to play with the shiny new toy.

The website and supporting Content Management System worked above expectations for the London branch. This made the Parisian agencies want the same experience.

We upgraded the platform to work with an additional language — French — and launched the website for the agencies in Paris.

Sitting in a branch watching an agent flick through images on their desktop can be excruciating. We wanted to give control back to the customer to ease the process.

This was done by building a separate application that customers could use to browse through images of the selected properties. The application was loaded onto iPads in the branches at Breteuil and handed to customers when they were sitting with the agent. The customers appreciated the control and could review the photos with more attention while the agent was describing the space, location, and benefits of the properties. This lowered the guard of the customer and built trust with the agent

Saying goodbye to a good client.

After five years, the client decided to take the management of the website in-house in order to integrate it with their internal systems. We were sad to part ways with the client but supported them with the migration.

When I first met Paul in 2010 I asked him “would this be possible?”. He replied “on the web everything is possible”. I knew I found the right guys for my project. wearegoat are the perfect mix of creativity and technical know how — they will create things that were never done before, where every other company tries to recycle what they have done on previous projects. The limit is truly your imagination combined with their experience as they will push your project to its limits.
Arthur Colarossi, Breteuil
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