Taking the heavy lifting away from a gym owner with a new booking system

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Before starting any project, we find it necessary to define a goal. This sets the aim of the works and a reference point to define success on completion. The goal for The Box was to simplify the booking process for members and reduce management time for staff.

The Box is a small gym that serves as a health hub for their clients. They provide their clients with enough information as well as the facilities to live a stronger, fitter, and better life. Christina, the founder and trainer, has achieved an impressive and personal relationship with her customers and wanted to be able to spend more time nurturing these relationships.

At the time of starting this project, the gym did not have a functioning website. This is what we came in to solve. During the initial discussions, it became clear that the existing method of managing bookings was resulting in too much wasted time. The new goal of the project pivoted to finding a suitable booking system for Christina and her gym. One that would increase bookings, organise the schedule, and most importantly, reduce the number of hours required each week to manage the number of bookings.

With very few requirements dictated by the client, other than make things easier, we were left with an open canvas to work on. We decided to build a schedule into the website that would serve as the weekly calendar for the available classes.

We found Appointy, which is a booking system that allows for enough flexibility to work for the solution we had in mind. With individual booking URLs for each class, we were able to connect this to the calendar on the website.

To provide Christina with an additional benefit of the digital schedule, we optimised it for print, allowing her to export it directly from the website and print it stick up at the gym.

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