London Gallery Weekend 2021 Subscription Drive

Encouraging sign-up to The Art Newspaper’s London Gallery Weekend coverage

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Reinventing the sign-up system

Across different industries, average sign-up rates vary between around 1 and 5%. The Art Newspaper, a long-time client of ours, wanted a bigger uptake. They approached us with two objectives — firstly, to create a microsite that would notify readers on content around London Gallery Weekend 2021, providing a sign-up opportunity for updates; and secondly, to present that content in a more compelling format than typically expected from standard news templates.

Our response was to build an elegant, animated landing page that would motivate readers to subscribe to updates. Once signed up, they would be notified whenever anything new was published, leading them into a weekend of art with varied offerings of content.

Building blocks of content

With only three weeks to go before the launch of London Gallery Weekend, we set to work creating an introduction section, sections for content, and a sign-up form. We first built a landing page with a registration that would connect to the paper’s web-marketing system. Next, we designed and built a layout that would host content previews, including articles, videos and galleries. This framework provided the content-building-blocks needed for the Art Newspaper’s team to plug in new material as and when it was produced.

Content blocks built visual variety, animating as readers scrolled through to the bottom of the page. Blocks were created for videos, interviews, critics’ choice content, and comments, each having a unique composition on screen, transitioning from one to another until ultimately leading to the sign-up form.

Above average (x3)

The challenge on this project was creating a landing page that was captivating to use, but that didn’t pull focus away from its content — which is always the most important thing, especially with a media website. We did this by breaking out of the formality of an existing system, creating a microsite that could be promoted separately and more widely.

During the three-week London Gallery Weekend campaign, the microsite saw almost 4,000 visits with a conversion rate of about 15% for sign-ups – around three times the industry average. Aside from meeting their intended goal, the format for this project set precedent for future possibilities, building on The Art Newspaper’s reputation for excellence in content delivery.

Kind words from the client

We are very happy to have wearegoat as our long-term partner: they are stellar, when it comes to research-based solutions, solving complex problems in ever-changing environments, and creating solutions that actually work.

Mikhail Mendelevitch, Digital Strategy Director at The Art Newspaper