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Hello, again

Hello, nice to meet you

Alexey GolevAlexey Golev

What is this?

This is the continuation of a conversation, a “Hello, again”. This is a more enjoyable way to share information with you than through a boring PDF or email.

Why did we contact you?

We are interested in your business and would like to speak to you to see whether we can offer something of value. Which is why we created this proposal specifically for you.

The last time we spoke you were looking for some development support. An agency to help you clean up your current codebase and introduce some new functionality. Since then we've launched our new CMS and would like to show you how it works.

If you're not yet ready to switch over to a new system, we would still love to speak to you about building custom promotional campaigns to sell to your clients. Making your ad space offering all the more premium.

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What we know about you

Most of the time, there is no right or wrong way to make sense of a mess. Instead, there are many ways to choose from. Sometimes we have to be the one without opinions and preferences so we can weigh all the options and find the best way forward for everyone involved.
Abby Covert

What we can offer

Organisations are rarely sufficiently objective, self-aware, or even experienced enough in the appropriate disciplines to carry out a major analysis of their technical environment without external assistance.

We specialise in a few things, making it a point to only focus on the areas that we enjoy and excel at doing.

In your case, what would be of interest is our experience in working with media agencies, such as Vogue, FarFetch, and The Art Newspaper to produce systems to support their editorial teams.

To be more specific, there are two things we'd like to offer:

  • To take on the development of your content management system, and work with your in-house team to fit it for your requirements;
  • Build custom promotional campaigns, that are independent from your existing digital systems, that will allow you to offer your clients advertising and sponsored content opportunities that are not limited to what you currently have on your website.

What's next

There are a ridiculous number of agencies that can offer the same service as us. But we know that we're good at what we do and we're the ones reaching out with a solution.

The next step is yours