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EIE Educational Group

Hello, again

Hello, nice to meet you

Alexey GolevAlexey Golev

What is this?

We are interested in your business and would like to speak to you to see whether we can offer something of value. Which is why we created this proposal specifically for you.

Why did we contact you?

We noticed some areas on your website that need some attention.

Your website isn't secure, you need an SSL certificate. Without it, you're ranked lower on search engines. You also might lose potential customers as they receive the following message -

“Attackers might be able to see the images that you're looking at on this site and trick you by modifying them.”

Your home-page displays 43 broken photographs underneath 'Our Partners'. Unfortunately, plug-in errors can be common with Wordpress websites.

On Google, it advises users that your website might be hacked. This may stop potential customers from visiting your website.

This proposal contains

Sales pitch
Introduction to us
*of an adult's daily value

What we know about you

A website without a visitor is like a ship lost on the horizon.
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

What we can offer

Organisations are rarely sufficiently objective, self-aware, or even experienced enough in the appropriate disciplines to carry out a major analysis of their technical environment without external assistance.

We specialise in a few things, making it a point to only focus on the areas that we enjoy and excel at doing.

In your case, what would be of interest is our experience in working with other businesses such as Mediterranean Yacht Sales, Simply London, Cityscape Digital, and The Art Newspaper in building websites to properly reflect their offering. Giving their audiences access to the information they are looking for quickly and easily, while still being beautiful.

We'd like to offer a consultation to discuss the areas on your website that can be resolved and to find out any other areas we could potentially help with.

What's next

There are a ridiculous number of agencies that can offer the same service as us. But we know that we're good at what we do and we're the ones reaching out with a solution.

The next step is yours