Website design and development

A website is becoming a more precious commodity. It is important for any business to have a good looking, and more importantly, well functioning one. We design and build websites that work for you.

Software development

We believe that software should provide an enjoyable experience for its users. The main goal of software is to facilitate task completion to allow users to focus on what they need to accomplish, and not be hindered by the how they need to accomplish it.

We build systems with this goal in mind to ensure that you can complete your tasks and get home on time.


It has become trendy to throw these terms around without an understanding of their worth. The value of UX, or User Experience, is found when it is part of a complete understanding of how users interact with technology and what they expect as a response to their actions. It is not something included as an addition to building digital systems but at the core of each element and interaction.

The websites and systems we build are done so with the belief that users deserve to enjoy their time on them.


SEO has two main sides to it—the content that exists on the website and the way the website was laid out and built. We focus on the latter. The choice of how a website is built affects how search engines find, crawl, and rank your content.

We ensure that the websites we build are correctly structured to increase the relevance for search engines, remove barriers for them to be indexed, and are optimised for browsing to be more favourable to search engine ranking.

Digital marketing

We are not good at digital marketing which is why we don't offer it. However, we are good at partnering with people who specialise in it, allowing each party to focus on what they're good at to give the client what they deserve.

We have worked with some great partners to create effective digital campaigns and promotions.

System and process optimisation

Legacy system and company processes are often cumbersome and there doesn't seem to be any way around them. Building an entirely new system, migrating all your data, and training staff can be an incredible overhead. Sometimes, a more simple solution is available which you might not be aware of.

wearegoat Express

wearegoat Express is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who want a professionally built website that fits their specific requirements. We don't use themes or ready-made solutions, which allows us to create results that are tailored to your market and ensures that your brand can stand out.

Rapid digital prototyping

A proof of concept is important before investing your time, energy, and money in an idea. Building an MVP is worthwhile to understand your customers, the service you're offering, and to ensure the direction being taken is correct.

We've built prototypes for digital system to test ideas before they were integrated into existing systems or built as full-scale products.