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Did you know?

86% of consumers use a search engine to find a local business.*

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within eight kilometres.†

91% of content online gets no organic traffic from Google.‡

75% of users don't scroll past the first page on Google.**

Statistics overwhelmingly show that to succeed as a business owner in today's climate, you have to have a strong website that is easily found.

There are two sides to SEO—the content that exists on the website and the way the website was built. We focus on the latter. The technology and conventions used affect how search engines find, crawl, and rank the content on your website. We then work with the client, or digital marketing specialists and copywriters, to optimise the content.


  • Increased exposure and brand awareness.
  • Trust and credibility is created by a high ranking.
  • A primary source of leads from search engines.

How can we help?

We build our websites according to SEO best practices and partner with the client or marketing companies to create SEO focused content. Not being limited by certain platforms Wordpress that only allow for broad, generic optimisations, we are capable of optimising your content for search engines to more easily understand. This improves your ranking on search engines and your chances of being found.

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