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System & Process Optimisation

Did you know?

Sales reps only spend 35.2% of their time selling.*

60% of current occupations have more than 30% of activities that can be automated.†

Workers spend on average 520 hours a year on repetitive tasks that could be easily automated? That's more than a quarter of their time.‡

20.2% of staff voice a desire for automating non-essential tasks.‡

Are you operating a legacy system? Do you struggle with slow, complicated and inefficient computer software or applications? Feeling stressed out due to chaotic processes? Do you and your staff spend too much time working on repetitive tasks, resulting in easily avoidable mistakes?

An analysis of your business processes and current technology might bring to light simple solutions.

Benefits of system and process optimisation

  • Maximised cost efficiency.
  • Your team collaborates more effectively.
  • The saving of time and resources.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Limit human error, resulting in less stress, more time and cost savings.
  • Peace of mind that no shortcuts are taken and that tasks are performed correctly and reliably.

What will our journey look like?


Firstly, and most importantly, we'll work to understand your objectives and the root cause of your problems. This leads to a detailed discussion about the processes currently in place within your business. This is where we start to get to know each other and you get a more clear picture of how we work.

Becoming part of the team

Once the details of what needs to be done are confirmed and you're happy with the direction, we start to see ourselves as part of your team. The success of the project is just as important for us as it is for you, which is why we find it important to work together as a unified team with clear and honest communication.

Analysis and reporting

Your existing systems and processes will be analysed. We look for any bottlenecks, sub-optimal processes, and areas that could be automated. The results of our analysis are prepared in a report for you and your team to view. The report will contain a proposal detailing our suggested course of action and the cost to do it.

Continuing your journey with us

If you chose to implement the solution with us, the journey evolves into a Software development project from the "Building" stage. If you choose to work with someone else, we will be available to provide them with any documentation and findings required to help them build the solution.

What now?

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We work together and create something great
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