Technical audits

There is no right or wrong way to make sense of a mess. Instead, there are many options to choose from. Taking biases out of it makes it easier to weigh all options and find the best way forward.

The core of what we do is technical audits and consultancy. It is the first step for any of our other services. This helps us to understand your business, the goals you'd like to achieve, and what your current digital setup looks like. We help you to unearth any problems with your online presence or internal tools that might be holding you back. We then work with you to create a strategy that will help you understand the whole picture and what can, and should, be achieved.

We also understand that many businesses do not have technical leads employed. Opportunities that can improve the business might go unexplored due to a lack of understanding of how to approach them.

It is important that we come in as unbiased partners to make sure you receive the best solutions possible without us pushing our other services. A successful audit ends with you know what next steps to take, whether with us or someone more suited to the tasks required.

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