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Last Man to Walk the Moon Warns About Moon Dust Allergy (Article)

Cigarettes were once ‘physician’ tested, approved (Article)

Opening Keynote - GitHub Universe 2020 (Video)

Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever? (Video)

Project Implicit (Test)


3 Ways To Become A Millionaire In The Stock Market (Article)

What is a good website? (Article)

Infinite Bad Guy (Billie Eilish experience)

iPhone Settings You Need to Turn Off Now (Article)


I Went Searching for the Strangest Products Sold on Amazon (Article)

These 5 Words Destroyed a Car Brand (Article)

The Man Who Skipped Work for a Decade and Still Got Paid (Article)


Cards Against Humanity Dug a Huge, Pointless Hole for $100k (Article)

True Facts: Killer Tongues (Video)

The UI & UX tips collection — volume one (Article)

“Emily in Paris” and the Rise of Ambient TV (Article)


5 simple things that are killing your landing page (Article)

Donald Trump Won, No Matter What Happens Next (Article)

New Research: Jargon Is a Sign of Insecurity, Not Smarts (Article)

Behind the feature: the hidden challenges of autosave (Article)

Copying is the way design works (Article)

The Smartest Pivot in the History of Poultry Farming (Article)


The Case Against Kids (Article)

Do You Make These Mistakes at Work? (Article)

Why You Shouldn’t Use, Gramerly (Article)

What if there were 1 trillion more trees? (Video)

Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained (Video)


3 Questions To Plan Your Day For Maximum Productivity (Article)

Is Elon Musk Right? Should We Nuke Mars? (Article)


How Honda Almost Called Their Car “The Cunt” (Article)

How a CEO Blew $10B With Three Bad Jokes (Article)

56 Funny Code Comments That People Actually Wrote (Article)

9 Micro-Habits That Will Completely Change Your Life in a Year (Article)

Color Controversy (Test)


Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like? (Article)

Let’s All Admire This Amazing Dog Who Keeps Ruining Photoshoots (Article)

Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated (Video)

Dispatches From The Next Place (Article)

We’re Witnessing the Collapse of Fake Online Gurus (Article)


The Purpose of Life is to be Useful, Not Happy (Article)

You Could Be the 0.01%! (Article)

The 9 Worst Ads of All Time (Article)

How the Beirut explosion was a government failure (Video)

This Is What an Octopus Can Teach You About Life (Article)


How the pandemic distorted time (Video)

Dawn Finds Dwarf Planet Ceres is a Water-Rich World (Article)

Blue People Illustrations, or How to Kill a Brand (Article)

The Man Who Didn’t Eat for 382 Days (Article)


Why Is LinkedIn Such a Cringefest? (Article)

Will You Enroll At “Google University” For $49/Month? (Article)

Drowning in plastic (Article)

The Thing With Leading in CSS (Article)

Ground Rules for Web Animations (Article)


How to Use Google Chrome’s New Deep-Linking Feature (Article)

That's Just How I Scroll (Article)

Why Do We Interface? (Article)


Futurist Keynote, Helsinki: The Future of Content and Creativity, Episerver (Video)

On Monopolies, Apple, and Epic – iA (Article)


AFK (Article)

Rubber Duck Programming (Article)

Every Website is an Essay (Article)


SRCCON 2019: CMS Demos (Video)

John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (Article)

What I’ve learned about software development from the ancient Greeks - Mark Seemann (Video)


Racist Expressions You Should Stop Using in Conversation (Article)

536 AD — the worst year in history (Article)

How Atari Entered The Red Ring Of Death - The Rise And Fall (Video)

Why is a Ship’s Speed Measured in Knots? (Article)

The Perfect Conditions for a Great Idea (Article)

The Magnificence of Flow (Article)


Animation that matters — adding value to your interface (Article)

The Optionality Trap: Why Keeping Your Options Open Can Be A Bad Idea (Article)

The Worst Video Game in History that Helped Sink a Titan of the Industry (Video)


The Problem with Time & Timezones - Computerphile (Video)


In Defense of a Fussy Website (Article)

Your Guide to Shaming Idiot People Who Don’t Take Covid-19 Seriously (Article)


Clean Coders Hate What Happens to Your Code When You Use These Enterprise Programming Tricks (Video)

Whatifi (Product)

Creep — Medieval Style with Vocals (Video)

Worry less about spacing in Figma (Article)

It’s Time to Rebrand ‘Cookies’ (Article)

MacOS is going ARM (Article)

The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks (Video)

How to pair design (and convince your boss to invest in it) (Article)

Computers as I used to love them (Article)

Coffee Kick Calculator - How Much Caffeine to Drink to Stay Alert? (Article)


Art world presses pause for #BlackOutTuesday (Article)

Why Do Incompetent Managers Get Promoted? (Article)

The Absolute Worst Marketing Campaign in History (Article)

To Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You See (Article)

Prejudice by Tim Minchin (Video)


ES2020 Has Been Finalized. Here is What I’m Excited About (Article)

Ə: The Most Common Vowel in English (Video)

Zettelkasten — How One German Scholar Was So Freakishly Productive (Article)

Burger King Hired an Absolute Genius — and It Paid Off (Article)


What programming language has the happiest developers? (Article)

Everything I Learned About min(), max(), clamp() In CSS (Article)

bad guy (Billie Eilish) on 7 Electric Devices (Video)


I meditated for 95 days in a row. Here's what happened (Article)

When the US Air Force discovered the flaw of averages (Article)

Little Big - Hypnodancer (Video)


An exploration of visual indicators IRL (Article)

This is why you can't remember yesterday (Article)

SVG, Favicons, and all the fun things we can do with them (Article)

How to start a project when you don't know where to begin (Article)

Web Design Museum (Resource)


British writer pens the best description of Trump I've read (Article)

I wish we all lived like we had cancer (Article)

Spacing in CSS (Article)


Fullstack (Game)

7 predictions for a post-coronavirus world (Article)

The dead are not dead (Article)


The curse of the diaeresis (Article)


5 important things I learned from “How to make sense of any mess” (Article)

How to ask better questions (Article)

Key principles of visual hierarchy in UX design (Article)

When you're copywriting, always remember this one thing (Article)

Beer made with wasp guts (Video)


Why coronavirus scammers can send fake emails from the WHO (Video)

What is the Native Payments Request API? (Article)


Building your creative confidence (Article)

Hidden Keywords (Game)

Cultural appropriation: can designers ever responsibly "borrow" from other cultures?

Is Millennial Minimalism On Its Way Out? (Article)

The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates (Video)

The Art of Failing to Quit Smoking (Article)


This Filter Makes Your Photos Invisible to Facial Recognition (Article)

9 Ways to Stop Designing the Same Old Stuff (Article)

Setting Height And Width On Images Is Important Again (Article)

How Tech Design Can Learn from Dutch Design (Article)

Don’t Worry, These Gangly-armed Cartoons Are Here to Protect You From Big Tech (Article)

Why editorial illustrations look so similar these days (Article)

Separating the Facts From the Misinformation About COVID-19 (Article)

MonoLisa (Resource)

Little Big - Uno (Video)


From Like Buttons to Message Bubbles: The UX Designs You Can’t Use (Article)

Story Points vs Hours: 3 Reasons to Estimate with Story Points (Article)

Stop Using ‘Drop-down’ (Article)


Magenta Is All In Your Head (Video)

Mouseless (Resource)

Slash (Resource)

How I share React components between projects (Article)

Why Some Apps Are Intentionally Slow (Video)


Hindsight bias (Article)

“Eradicating Ideological Viruses” | China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims (Article)

6 Freaky Facts About Flying That Airlines Don’t Tell You (Article)


10 Common Mistakes That Seriously Irritate Your Boss (Article)

7 Modern Life Habits That Can Be Incredibly Bad For Your Brain Health (Article)

How to Write & Design User-Friendly Error Messages (Article)

Making search easier to access on mobile screens (Article)


'My mind's eye is blind' - ex-Pixar chief (Article)


Blue Monday (Article)

Using Storybook as a Visual Testing Platform (Article)

How to prevent your users from making mistakes (Article)

Confetti (Resource)


There Is No Design System (Article)

Why it's already 2020 (Video)

True Facts: Mating Dance of the Ostrich (Video)

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