online gurus die for climate change

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Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like?

Interfaces with bidirectional scrolling (horizontal as well as vertical) sound like a good idea but there are many downsides to them. It increases the chance of a user not seeing the hidden content, it can be more tiring for the user (especially those with motor impairments), and it relies on users being more digitally literate.

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Let’s All Admire This Amazing Dog Who Keeps Ruining Photoshoots

Hina, a Shiba Inu, is a beautiful dog but can't seem to get with the gang to take a good photo. See a collection of photos where Hina just can't get it right.

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Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated

A Kurzgesagt video describing what needs to be done to tackle climate change. Discussing the four factors that are the largest cause for our CO2 emissions and their relation to each other – population size, economic growth, energy intensity, and emissions per energy. The video ends with the solutions for what needs to be done.

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Dispatches From The Next Place

An interpretation for what happens to us when we die. Spoiler: It's a little bit disappointing. A lot like life but only a little bit worse.

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We’re Witnessing the Collapse of Fake Online Gurus

Our online space is becoming overrun with online gurus and influencers. Touting their impressive lifestyles and passing on knowledge on how to achieve the same. During our present lockdown, these "gurus" have truly flourished due to their audience's having more available time to watch and the want to be just like them. It's easy to rent a mansion and Lamborghini for a photoshoot and sell fake promises in the form of an online course.

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