2012 - now

We spend a lot of time building websites for other people and not so much on updating our own website. For our latest works, please visit our page on Awwwards.

Cosie Studio

telling the story of a new co-creative agency focusing on sustainability

A promotional website that needed to entice the user to continue reading and understand the unique offering of the client. The idea was to clearly tell the client’s story and explain their services to a market that is new to these services.
A preview from one of the Cosie website pages
Bridgette Ashton

building an interactive experience alongside a real world exhibition

An online exhibition that allowed users to interact with the objects in a way that they wouldn’t be able at the physical exhibitions. The purpose of the online exhibition was to give life to the objects after the travelling exhibition finished.
A preview of Bridgette Ashton's website homepageA close up of Bridgette Ashton's website homepage
Fondazzjoni HELA

creating a dynamic and navigable directory for a literary foundation

An online directory created for the Maltese literary foundation. The directory was created to organise and showcase the works of local writers, publishers, translators, and editors. Designed in such a way to represent their cultural identity.
A closeup of the authors listed on the HELA websiteA detail of the author page on HELA's website
aditus foundation

showcasing the memories of the Malta protests between November 2019 and January 2020

With this online repository we wanted to convey the feelings of the protestors during those events, while providing a historical account of what took place.
One of the photos from The Malta Protests websiteA detail from The Malta Protests website
Paul Furey

envisaging the future of hybrid working to promote workshops and videos

The landing page needed to differentiate his offering and carry the unique character he, with our support, had developed over the years.
The cover from Paul Furey Productions websiteAn illustration from Paul Furey Production's website
The Authentic Brief

focusing on our senses to create a unique and captivating experience

Becky approaches any project with an enthusiasm and creative spark that can’t be templated or copied. We wanted to build a website that would encompass her character and give viewers a peak into her mind.
Sense illustrations for The Authentic BriefA detail of the cover from The Authentic Brief's website
The Art Newspaper

bringing new tools and opportunities to a globally renowned art publication

It became time to upgrade them from the system we had developed for them several years earlier. The goal: more powerful tools to manage their content and publish it in a variety of new ways.
A detail of the homepage from The Art Newspaper's websiteA detail from The Art Newspaper's website
The Art Newspaper

encouraging sign-ups to The Art Newspaper’s London Gallery Weekend coverage

The challenge on this project was creating a landing page that was captivating to use, but that didn’t pull focus away from its content, which is always the most important thing. We did this by breaking out of the formality of an existing system; creating a microsite that could be promoted separately and more widely.
The cover from The Gallery Weekend landing pageA detail from The Gallery Weekend landing page

experimenting with interactive layouts for imagined futures with Gucci

FARFETCH partnered with Gucci to create a set of experiences to showcase different collections. The direction of each chapter revolved around a specific topic — Utopian future worlds, fluidity, and accessibility.
A detail of the Gucci interactive coverA detail of the Gucci experience

converting a physical art gallery space into a digital experience

The website needed to digitally echo their physical galleries, which use ‘transparent architecture’ to allow artwork to be viewed 24/7 from surrounding public squares.
A detail from the artist page from VITRINE's websiteThe list of exhibitions from VITRINE's website

building a subtly animated microsite to communicate sustainability trends

With around a month until Earth Day — the day they would launch the report — we had to come up with a central concept, experiment with functionality, work on structure and layout, build, and then test the microsite.
A detail from the Conscious Luxury ReportA detail from the Conscious Luxury Report
British Vogue

providing development support for multiple digital campaigns

They brought us in to analyse their digital tools and propose solutions for the campaigns they wished to launch for their clients and partners.
The cover of the CIROC Vogue landing pageThe cover of the Keristase Vogue landing page