experimenting with interactive layouts for imagined futures with Gucci


FARFETCH is a global fashion retail platform: selling products from luxury boutiques and brands around the world.

Imagined Futures for Gucci, Chapters 1, 2, and 3

FARFETCH, in collaboration with Gucci, wanted to build interactive experiences for imagined futures. Working with different artists — Seana Gavin in Chapter 1, Jon Emmony in Chapter 2 , and Dani Choi in Chapter 3 — we developed three distinct worlds for users to view the Gucci collections.

Chapter 1: Imagined Futures

The first chapter needed to land with a bang. The idea was to create distorted worlds that would “unravel” when entered. Each world contained a different landscape and a collection of products. Users could click on the product hotspots to find out more about the product.

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Chapter 2: Fluid Futures

The second chapter played on fluidity and used a mix of parallax effect and blur to create depth in the scene.

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Chapter 3: Accessible Futures

To support FARFETCH’s promotional strategy, each world in the experience could be loaded as the first world. This gave the client the option to push different starting points based on the creative being shared.

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