focusing on our senses to create a unique and captivating experience

The Authentic Brief

The Authentic Brief is a creative partner, run by Becky Barbaro Sant. Becky drives creative solutions and brings people together to bring her ideas to life.

Creative strategist promotional website

Becky’s driving force was to stand out from the agencies and freelancers that offered similar services. She approaches any project with an enthusiasm and creative spark that can’t be templated or copied. We wanted to build a website that would encompass her character and give viewers a peak into her mind.

In our early discussions with Becky, she mentioned that she tries to incorporate the different senses into her projects. This became the base for our exploration in the design direction.

The shapes designed for The Authentic Brief's website

We created symbols for the five senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Each one being distinct and specific to the type, or feeling, of the sense. These symbols were used in different orientations and expressions throughout the website.

We wanted to create a strong impression and suprise the user as soon as they started interacting with the website. The restriction was that we didn’t want to create something that was over the top or overly complex — something that is not representative of Becky.

I really enjoyed the journey with Alexey and Paul. I felt that there was a mutual constructive challenge between goat and tAB which is what I believe led to the beautifully, well-designed website. This is not the first website which we have collaborated on and it won't be the last. goat fit the Authentic Brief's brand values — authenticity and honesty — which makes me comfortable that I can trust them.
Becky Barbaro Sant
Creative Director at The Authentic Brief

Becky, along with her clients, said that the website was an incredible mirroring of Becky’s character and approach to her work — effective and surprising.

That alone was proof that the project was a success. But the website also encouraged Becky to promote herself more by giving her a digital tool that she loved and felt comfortable having her name on.