creating a dynamic and navigable directory for a literary foundation

Fondazzjoni HELA

Fondazzjoni HELA is an autonomous platform working to foster excellence across the literary sector in Malta and Gozo. They represent and work with and for writers, translators, publishers and editors.

Online literary directory

HELA Malta wanted to update their existing website to include a directory of local writers, publishers, translators, and editors. The result that we were working towards was a well organised directory to showcase all the works of each writer; designed in a way to take subtle parts of the Maltese identity into account.

The cover from the author page from HELA's website

Playing on the colours from Malta’s national plant — the Widnet il-Baħar — and variations of the eight-pointed cross, we designed layouts that would reflect HELA’s literary world.

The website needed to be multilingual — English and Maltese. As with any multilingual website, the user can switch between the languages using a toggle (no need to invent anything clever here).

With not all the content requiring a Maltese translation, we structured the editor to have two fields for each set of data that could be translated. If no translation was available for a set of data it would default to the English value.

The quantity and range of books for each writer deserved an in-depth filter, allowing users to filter books by category, language, and genre.

Books also needed to show relation to other books, such as when one was translated into different languages.

From conception to execution, working with goat was a treat. We are really happy with the final result — a website that is user-friendly and fresh at the same time. We highly recommend goat for their professionalism and creativity. They truly respect their clients' wishes whilst giving the project that extra spark.
Clare Azzopardi
Vice President of Fondazzjoni HELA