providing development support for multiple digital campaigns

British Vogue

British Vogue is one of the world's leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, with their readers referring to it as the “Fashion Bible”.

Microsites development

British Vogue have an extremely strong reputation to uphold. Their marketing and design team wanted to build more experimental digital campaigns for their clients as a way of staying ahead of their competition. They brought us in to analyse their digital tools and propose solutions for the campaigns they wished to launch for their clients and partners.

Not wanting to waste time and resources on upgrading their existing content management tools we proposed the idea of custom builds being created and hosted on specific pages in their website. The solution removed most of the limitations and pushed the team we were working with to create a range of interesting and effective campaigns over the years we worked with them.

The requirements for the CÎROC campaign were to have an ever changing experience for users, with the content shifting each week to promote a different bar and cocktail.

Not wanting to update the campaign each week, we deployed it with logic to automatically shift and rotate through a preselected list of content.

The Harvey Nichols interactive video embedded on a webpage
A preview of the Harvey Nichols interactive video microsite for British Vogue
The cover of the PANDORA mcirosite

Over the years we worked on different campaigns with British Vogue. From simple promotions for PANDORA to interactive video experiences for Harvey Nichols.

Each campaign was designed and built in partnership with their design and marketing team for a specific purpose and brand.

We worked with wearegoat to create some of the most visual microsites hosted on British Vogue, be that the cocktail destination for Cîroc or a custom shoppable overlay on a video we created for Harvey Nichols. goat were excellent in their pursuit of developing the perfect solutions to our creative problems. Learning to use our systems, aligning with our existing tech and being on hand when we needed extra development support. Working on projects and seeing them realise our vision was always a pleasure.
Georgia Brunt
Creative Partnerships Account Manager at British Vogue