Fitta could change your life in Scandinavian countries

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How Honda Almost Called Their Car “The Cunt”

When naming global products it's important to understand how the translated name may read in other languages. The Honda Jazz was originally called “Fit” (this remains true in Japan). In several Scandinavian countries it was going to be called “Fitta” which typically translates to “Cunt” in those countries. The result, change the name to “Jazz”.

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How a CEO Blew $10B With Three Bad Jokes

The CEO of a successful jewellery business, known for its affordable jewellery for the working class, was to give a speech. In this speech he decided to include some jokes about how cheap his company's jewellery was, these went over well. The media then decided to print his words out of context, making them land very differently. The result, people didn't want to buy their products, 300 stores closed, many others had to be liquidated to pay off debt, and the company name became a phrase for messing up greatly.

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56 Funny Code Comments That People Actually Wrote

There are hundreds of articles showing comments made by developers in their code. Many of these articles repeat the same, and somewhat ”forced”, comments. This article has those same comments but includes a few novel ones that are quite humorous.

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9 Micro-Habits That Will Completely Change Your Life in a Year

You've probably seen hundreds of these articles and they pretty much all say the same things. This one takes a bit of a different approach and sums it all up quite nicely. It mentions delaying your reactions to make sure you respond appropriately, preparing your workload for the upcoming day/s, and adding a buffer between the want to spend your money on something and actually purchasing the item.

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Color Controversy

How many times have you argued with someone over whether a colour is blue or green? This is the definitive test to clear up common disagreements. It displays a colour and gives you the option of one name or the other to choose from, then it displays the results given by other users.

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