Today we successfully nuked Mars

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3 Questions To Plan Your Day For Maximum Productivity

I'm tired of all these articles promoting productivity because they all say the same things in too many works (I too am guilty of this). But this article puts three points down in as terse a way as possible:

  1. Ask yourself: At the end of the day, what would have to happen for me to say, “Today was a success?”
  2. Define the problems you need to solve today.
  3. Block time for deep work.

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Is Elon Musk Right? Should We Nuke Mars?

Musk, being his controversial self, has proposed we nuke Mars to try and terraform it. Although a horrible idea in theory, in practice it's still a horrible idea. Musk isn't thinking further than the idea of melting the ice caps to generate a greenhouse effect to warm the planet. There are so many other problems that would come of this attempt, and not to mention the science behind his idea doesn't even add up.

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