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5 simple things that are killing your landing page

Many people misunderstand the purpose of a landing page. The major purpose of a landing page is to sell a product or an idea. Nothing more, nothing less. Here are some tips (not all are agreed with, but more on this in a separate blog post) that help when building landing pages.

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Donald Trump Won, No Matter What Happens Next

People vote for their own selfish, completely illogical reasons. This article describes the reasons why, albeit aggressively and not always justified, Trump came out victorious from this election even though losing both the popular and the electoral votes.

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New Research: Jargon Is a Sign of Insecurity, Not Smarts

Different studies have shown that people who use jargon are simply trying to impress the people they are speaking to, often stemming from their own anxieties.

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Behind the feature: the hidden challenges of autosave

An extensive description of how the Figma team approached and solved their problem with the autosave feature. A much more complex problem than we probably give them credit for.

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Copying is the way design works

From furniture to software, and archeological findings to video games, what makes something an original or a copy isn't always obvious or important. An interesting piece about different copies throughout history and how they shaped their industries.

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The Smartest Pivot in the History of Poultry Farming

Problem: Large groups of eagles attacking chickens on a farm, causing losses up to $30,000 per month.

Solution: Sell access to spectators.

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