Emily in Paris tonguing pointless holes

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Cards Against Humanity Dug a Huge, Pointless Hole for $100k

Cards Against Humanity have some interesting marketing campaigns. In 2016 they decided to do something slightly different but remain “on brand”. They decided to fundraise the digging of a hole, as far as the funding would take them, and then just fill it up.

They managed to raise $106,000, and live streamed the digging and filling up of a hole, for no particular reason other than because they could do it. They received quite a bit of backlash for throwing this money away and not giving it to charity or doing something useful with it. But, they weren't the ones throwing money away... the ones giving them money were.

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True Facts: Killer Tongues

Zefrank is a YouTube channel with a series of satirical, yet informative, videos on animals. This week's video displays the impressiveness of tongues in reptiles.

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The UI & UX tips collection — volume one

We're getting tired of all these UI/UX (as though these two are interchangeable) posts. This is one of those posts that describes best practices for designing interfaces and layouts for screens. However, this one has some additional suggestions that are useful and the descriptions and examples seem to be more valuable that most other posts.

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“Emily in Paris” and the Rise of Ambient TV

I've only seen a few glimpses of Emily in Paris while walking by the television. My first and only impression of it is what is this trash but let's set my opinion to the side. This New Yorker article explains the rise of series such as this. Unlike more complex series and movies, these allow the viewer's attention to jump in and out of focus. Series such as “Taco Chronicles”, “Dream Home Makeover”, and ”Get Organised with the Home Edit”, which are now being referred to as Ambient TV, can be watched in the background as the viewer is doing something else — scrolling through social media, cooking dinner, or working.

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