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skipping work to destroy cars on Amazon

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These 5 Words Destroyed a Car Brand

Tata Motors spent millions on research and development in an effort to manufacture a good and affordable car for middle-class consumers in India. Bursting into flames and having a higher actual price than advertised wasn't the issue. The issue: being the cheapest car in the world. It is now discontinued and serves as an incredible lesson for the car manufacturer.

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The Man Who Skipped Work for a Decade and Still Got Paid

Carlos Recio clocked into his government job at 7.30am, return home to run a male brothel, and then return to clock out of his job at 3.30pm. He earned €50,000 per year. Although other employees complained and brought attention to this issue, he was only fired after 10 years in his role.

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I Went Searching for the Strangest Products Sold on Amazon

A collection of weird products found on Amazon

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