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Opening Keynote - GitHub Universe 2020

The opening keynote for GitHub's latest features. They've launched discussions, sponsoring repos, auto-merge rules, and complete browser development environment.

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Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?

A look into whether it is possible to upload your mind to a machine and live forever, and if it is, how it could be done and what the result will be for humanity.

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Project Implicit

A set of tests created by scientists to test a person's different biases towards others of different races, sex, religions, and other topics.

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3 Ways To Become A Millionaire In The Stock Market

Invest a lot of money, get a high return on your investment, and do it for a long time. Sounds simple enough. This satirical article wonderfully describes the gist of how most investment "advice" articles are laid out.

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Infinite Bad Guy

A collection of covers for Billie Eilish's Bad Guy. Browse through by theme or jump to random ones.

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iPhone Settings You Need to Turn Off Now

Many people complain about the battery life of their phones. The battery isn't usually the problem, but the overload of notifications, screen time, and background app use. This article takes a different approach to the usual recommendations and suggests to turn off some tracking and analytics settings.

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