Disney masking riders for safety

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Why Even the Most Reasonable People You Know Are Bending Covid Safety Rules

We believe that, when needed, we would be able to stand up for our beliefs. The reality is that we often find ourselves joining in on what others are doing or saying, even when we don't particularly want to.

In an experiment, men were shown a card with a line drawn on it and another card with three lines of various lengths. All but one of the men in the group were volunteers who had been instructed to answer incorrectly, unknowingly to the single research subject. When the research subject answered after the volunteers (who had just responded with the incorrect answer) they copied the answer of the volunteers (the incorrect answer) one-third of the time, even though the correct answer should have been an obvious one.

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How Group Sessions on Spotify Work

Spotify has a feature that, in theory, is a fantastic idea — allow a group of friends to control the music being played. The feature is possible when playing music from a single device (e.g. at a gathering) or through individual devices (e.g. working remotely and having a shared listening experience).

Unfortunately, the usability of the feature leaves much to be desired. This case study runs through the usage and gives solutions for how to improve it.

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Disney World Awkwardly Photoshopped Masks on Riders’ Faces

For some reason, Disney World attempted at Photoshopping face masks onto log riders who weren't wearing any.

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