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nuclear UX causing flight errors

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How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

A breakdown on the different types of energy production and the death tolls that have come with them.

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Airline pilots making in-flight errors say they're 'rusty' because of pandemic

"Aviation experts and airline representatives acknowledge that when pilots are inactive for several months, their skills and proficiency deteriorate. Among the most common errors are coming in too fast or too high during a landing or forgetting to get clearance from the air traffic control tower before descending to a lower altitude."

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Why I'm losing faith in UX

"We're headed into a dangerous time, when our society is run on digital platforms, and UX isn't leading the way to ensure that those tools are usable. While the best-trained (and highest-paid) UX professionals are put to work optimizing the exploitation and deception of online users, New Yorkers continue to die from Covid, because there's no easy way to schedule a vaccine visit."

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